Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib

Dispatches From The Black Barbershop, Tony’s Chair

we all know a couple niggas doin a bid derrick ain’t comin home for another 20 cuz he shot up westside trevor’s whip after trevor slapped his baby’s mom yo tuck your lip so I can get this beard anyway trevor ain’t die at least not that night but someone gonna have to catch his ass slippin we from the streets we ain’t just gonna let niggas put hands on women we ain’t just gonna let niggas put they hands on anything we ain’t just gonna let niggas keep their hands we all got mamas you know but I don’t fuck with guns no more I got babies now you dig tilt your head into the light for me anyway yeah I got babies my nigga derrick ain’t gonna see his babies til they too heavy to lift til they forget that he got a body that don’t live in front of glass goddamn bruh  I can’t be out here like that I got to eat I got to make this money I can’t give nobody a reason to wear my name on a tshirt you feel me police already want a nigga in a metal box or a wooden box I ain’t gonna let myself get buried I saw derrick’s baby’s mom on east courtright digging a hole in the mud with her bare hands hold still I accidentally cut a nigga yesterday cuz he wouldn’t stop moving he ain’t stop bleeding for like four hours the blood was everywhere it started running down his face and on to the street was like that shit had legs I ain’t seen that much blood since I last fell asleep in my girl’s arms I ain’t seen that much blood since my first son was born and all the dreams I been havin since