A Fan

A flash of intense regret pierced Ann's mind. She had left her antibiotics in Brooklyn.

“Fuck,” Ann mumbled to herself.

"What?" Gene asked, keeping his eyes on the road. He had only gotten three hours of sleep the night before, due to a wild going away party he had thrown for himself but with the superhuman powers that Ann adored him for, was able to drive them through rural Pennsylvania in the middle of the night.

"We can't have sex this weekend," Ann said and the sadness of the situation filled her whole being.

"Why not?" Gene replied in a low voice.

"Because I'll get a UTI."

Oh, how Ann's body had cursed her over the years. It had never liked her, had always resisted everything she wanted to do to it, things normal people do to their bodies to enjoy themselves.

At ten years old her father gave her a filet of fois gras and she enjoyed it immensely but then in the night violent gastrointestinal pains plagued her.

When she was sixteen she drank one Smirnoff ice and vomited for the next twenty-four hours. At nineteen she went swimming with her first boyfriend, the first person she had ever loved, and found herself awake at night with a burning pain in her loins that could not be cooled.

Yes, her body was cruel to her but she had found ways to cope. The low dose antibiotics kept away infections and allowed her to fuck her fiancé Gene to her heart’s content but in this bizarre lapse of memory she had forgotten to bring those precious pills on the trip to Baltimore, the last weekend she would be spending with Gene before he moved to Los Angeles and they would be separated for three whole months.