A Fan

Ann had an idea. She wanted to give Gene a blowjob—or at least try. Gene liked to be in control sexually and he never actually came from Ann going down on him. Ann would often start, but she had never given him more than a few minutes of sucks and licks before Gene would just flip her around and do her until they both came.

Ann got down on her knees below the bed, which was conveniently low to the ground, and unfastened Gene’s belt.

“Should we do this? What about your meds?” Gene asked kindly.

“We’re not going to have sex. I’m just going to give you a blowjob.”

It had been a very long time since Ann had given a real blowjob. When she was young, and a virgin, she had given many blowjobs and felt they were easy and fun. She didn’t get grossed out easily and never minded swallowing. A mess would be much worse than feeling that sticky juice temporarily down her throat. However, when she was twenty-one, she had a jaw surgery that her dentist insisted was necessary, to correct her abject over bite. She had her jaw broken and wired shut for months. After that, her jaw had never fully recovered, and she was never able to give a blowjob quite like she had before that.

Normally, Ann would be so focused on her own orgasm, she couldn’t care less about Gene’s but he had been so good to her this past weekend and she was so sad he was leaving, that she wanted to do something nice for him, which unfortunately, was out of the ordinary.

He lay back against the wall. Ann helped him slide off his pants. She licked her palms and then slid them around his hard cock. After a few wet strokes, she put her mouth to it and poured out all the saliva she could muster from her lips. She began using her mouth on him and he liked it, but she knew she had to exert more effort than previously attempted. She would put him in her mouth and suck and then use her hand very quickly and then switch back to her mouth. Gene loved to have his balls played with and he especially loved Ann to press on his taint. In the position he was in, Ann had full access to everything she needed to make Gene come and she knew she needed to muster the full extent of her sexual prowess to send him to the edge.

Ann continued, jaw barely aching. Yes, she could do this, she exclaimed loudly in her head.

Suck, hand, taint, balls, balls, taint, hand, suck, suck suck suck, taint taint suck suck…yes he was getting closer. She felt the spasm and — courteous fellow that he is — Gene whispered, “I’m coming.”

She nodded as best she could with her head bobbing on his cock as he released his load. When she had pulled the whole load out of him, she swallowed and smiled.