Mark Leidner

sixty-nine instead of three
followed by a decimal point
then all the digits of pi


god is love
love is patient, love is kind

love is dumb
love is terrible

love is terrible, and i love it
love is actually not all that terrible

love is awesome
love is bullshit

i don’t know what love is
but this isn’t it

was what that was

it is what it is

love is all there is


a planet where planet is french for petite plane
and baguette is french for little bag
and rockette is french for tiny rock, i.e., sand
and planchette is french for diminutive planch
and a planch is just a ranch on any planet
and cigarette is french for undersized cigar
and regret is french for little reg
and reg is the abbreviation for regent
so regret is french for tiny appointee
charged with the administration of a region
because its ruler is absent, a minor, or incapacitated
and Magritte is french for microscopic magr
and magr is shorthand for magazine ready
a nonsense phrase with no meaning on this planet