Scott McClanahan

We walked back around the house and I waited until she went back inside.

I kept thinking, “I want to see the baby birds again.”

So she finally went back inside and I snuck back beside the house and tried seeing them.

I tried standing on my tip toes to see inside the nest, but that wasn’t working. I tried jumping up and down but that wasn’t working either. I tried grabbing a hold of the grapevine and pulling it down, but I could hardly reach it. But then…I finally got a hold of the grapevine and pulled it lower

…and then lower

…and then lower

And then…

SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT—the baby bird eggs busted against the ground.


So I let go of the branch, which sent the baby bird nest bouncing hiiighhhhhh into the air before landing back on the grapevine---soft.