Michael McGregor

A visual interpretation of what it feels like to eat sushi alone.
Same order. Same restaurant. Every night of the week.

table for 1, .txt, 2015

don't worry. someday you will come here with a beautiful woman., .txt, 2015

is it safe to eat sushi every day?, .txt, 2015

everyday. alone. same order. see you tomorrow. (groundhog day), .txt, 2015

will they order the crazy roll?, .txt, 2015

excuse me. i dropped my chop sticks on the floor. may i have another set?, .txt, 2015

that feeling when you snapchat friends while eating sushi alone, .txt, 2015

is it safe to eat sushi? mercury poisoning scare, .txt, 2015

why so sad? what happened? have fun., .txt, 2015

same order 7 days a week, .txt, 2015

more sake? see you tomorrow night!, .txt, 2015

Why so sad?

there is no emoji to express the way i feel, .txt, 2015

no need 2 think, .txt, 2015