Tommy Pico

I can’t write a Nature Poem bc why shd I give a fuck abt “poetry”? Loving English makes
me complicit in my tribe’s erasure. My grandmother

dreamed of Tin Pan Alley, and wrote a song once with the chorus, “Your kisses drop like atom bombs.”

Chemistry is uniquely optimistic. It’s fundamentally a science of change. The optimism of chemistry is that, with enough tinkering, everything is everything.

I can change. I’ll start going to the gym. I’ll try topping. I’ll come to Flatbush more often. Is this bc I keep trying to hold hands? I’ll be better with yr friends, I’m just shy u understand I’m sorry do you

I’m seeing Matt

Matt, my friend Matt?

I sob

at a Tim Dlugos that Roy is reading me at the vegan diner on the formerly Italian side of

Grand street This is our medium he says
Try on new lyrics. Get in loser, we r touring landscapes of the interior. In the mist

of the words, I find it everywhere: a conversion of matter into radiant energy