Tommy Pico

It’s hard to unhook the heavy marble Nature from the chain around yr neck
when history is stolen like water.

Reclamation suggests social


In the opening poem of her book Of Gods and Strangers, Tina Chang writes, “As the
trees split, a religion crashed to a moan./People were shocked to learn the sky was not a
chariot of water.”

the body craves


gimmie brains

America learned it scarcely rains in San Diego. Water was a battlefield and within just 20
years, from 1850 to 1870, the indigenous population fell by 60%

Look at all your family and friends

I am missing many cousins, have you seen them?

Anthropologists write “population decline” with the gentle implication of a drying fog.
“Recourse” suggests resources. People say get over.

I read a lot. It’s hard, but I’m starting to see the chariot of water.