Kelly Schirmann


The best study abroad
is sleeping around
You know this when you wake up
in your lover’s unfinished basement
full of artifacts from grandfathers
you have yet to contextualize in their gait
When your lover begins dressing
to Frank Zappa
rubbing an old stick-&-poke of a car
& the breeze through the curtains
becomes his first girlfriend’s breeze…
My God, other people
are such easy trajectories to fail at
The valve gets broken
& then it’s just you
Emoting relentlessly, animal noises
surrounding you, within you
Either you mind the blackberries
staining the porcelain sink
or you are back there in the field
with me, rubbing your fingers
along the stings
My God
what a world we have come into
You can learn to appreciate country music
You can tattoo absolutely anything
onto your skin