Rachel B. Glaser

Don’t text back if he’s in your bed

even if he’s traveled to a palace there are no directions to
and his arms clutch his pillow 
and his big hands dangle needlessly over his shoulder
while you decide your outfits for the trip
does he mind how you covet your phone?
does he care how you dress?
like an embarrassed tomboy gone heavy on the makeup
do you like him better than Aaron?
does he have a stance?
could his face fill a movie poster?
Annie already told me about him
he sounds like a career man who talks endlessly about the sea
and the Jewish summer camp he was fired from
someone who will build you a fire
and then critique the fire
this guy at the tavern was driving me crazy last night
after you left I felt like, I don’t know
don’t worry about me
I’ve been chatting with a jewel prince in Qatar
no, seriously
I’ve been spending time on all my little projects
I’ve decided to never start a business
don’t text me if there’s anyone there
remember what happened with Aaron?
Aaron hated me
it was a pretend friendship so we could both be near you
since you’re so funny sometimes
you don’t think he can hear the phone?
I bet he’s slovenly like an aging gym teacher
just kidding, Annie says he’s decent looking
but not her type
she goes for those narrow swimmer shaped boys
like yellow wooden pencils
and she likes mustaches
I’m not making this up
I learned too much about her
by mistake
at the tavern last night
people thought we were lesbians and it horrified her
I could just tell
and you were probably having good sex
I looked at my watch and could almost see you having it
with this new guy
who you met Online!
don’t think I forgot that part
my phone is filling up
my poor phone
you should see how the AT&T guys treat me
like a blind peasant who’s wandered in from the past
they act so superior to me and my Pantech
that’s the model
I should fuck some sense into them
just kidding, I would never sleep with an AT&T person
I would entrap them though
I would taunt them from a moving car
have fun on the trip
think of me
painting bird houses at the factory
analyzing Jason’s blog
evading Annie at the tavern
looking in my watch for you