Rachel B. Glaser

Roommates of beauties

roommates of beauties have too much time
to read and keep tidy
they mull over the problems of their roommate
and wait all day for the cable company

the roommates are slight or bloated
their charisma is kept under clothing
they sympathize and talk effortlessly with the date
while the beauty takes too long in the shower
marveling at the coveted play-land of the body

lovers wander mistakenly into the room of the roommate
whose eyes flitter in the lamp-light welcoming the lovers
excusing their embarrassment
charming them
while beauty sulks in the next room

the lovers are confused by the roommates
surrounded by movie posters
and the reject couches of relatives
lovers stall in the bathroom
looking through the medicine cabinet of the roommates
in the waiting rooms of therapists
lovers see two figures
tied to a lease
one’s face proves the lord is an artist
and not a boss with a hobby
the other is pure like a plant
and forgives you